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restorati restoration. that is a rebuild. you want to rebuild america. great, we have a guy that wants to build it in a different way. but what if you want to restore america? well, if you have ever restored an old building and i have because i learned in connecticut. i learned the definition of the word "quaint" means crap. don't ever buy a house that's quaint. because you will have to strip it down. if you live in historic district, it's a pain in the neck, but when it's done, it's worth it. okay. so if we want to restore america, we have to what? we have to figure out how did it start? what did it look like? what was the foundation? well, the foundation of america was stone. strong, strength. make sure it stands. what is it? it's faith. truth is the other piece of it. that's the house. truth, hope. hope can only be had if there is truth. when you go to doctor and he says you have cancer. that's not hopeful. but better than going to a doctor when you have cancer and the doctor says don't worry about it, you have the sniffles. that's false hope. on faith, we build a house of hope, the
world that it is more dangerous to be america's friend than it is to be our enemy. and i fear very much that in the age of obama that's proving to be true. now, the president's approach to nuclear disarmament which he also unveiled this week confirms the naivity of his views about america's enemies. until this week, any enemy of our country that might be contemplating a chemical, biological or large scale conventional attack against us knew they might face the worst in return, a nuclear response. we have now surrendered that powerful deterent. the new strategy prevents america from building any more nuclear weapons or using our nuclear deterrents to defend our allies against a massive conventional attack. apparently the president believes that if america stops its weapons production program the iranians and the north koreans will follow suit. [laughter] and while the president works to limit america's freedom of action, the iranian mullas are making steady progress toward acquiring a nuclear weapon. the president likes to say he's doing everything possible to prevent that from happening
on a playground. >> no administration in america's history would ever have considered such a step we just found out president obama is supporting today. you know, that's kind of like getting out there on the playground, a bunch of kids ready to fight and one of the kids saying, go ahead, punch me in the face and i'm not going to retaliate. no. it's unacceptable. this is another thing that the american public, the more that they find out what is a part of it agenda, they're going to rise up and they're going to say no more. national defense, national security is the number one job of the federal government. >> that woman is an idiot. earlier on abc's "world news tonight," the president asked by george stephanopoulos to respond to sarah palin. >> i really have no response to that. last i checked, sarah palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues. >> all right. he put it better than i did. let's turn to richard bert, former ambassador to germy, the u.s.'s first negative negotiate yater for the first s.t.a.r.t. treaty signed by president bush in 1991. he is not u.s. chairman of global zero, an
deficits should america prepare itself for what has happened in michigan? is this now a preview of coming attractions around the country? >> jennifer granholm was barack obama, before barack obama was barack obama. okay. [ applause ] >> we always that jennifer granholm was sitting next to the president at the economic summit so that he could turn to her and say, now governor, did we try that or did you try that in michigan? and if she said yes. he would say okay we ain't doing that on a national basis. but we're doing the same things. cap and trade increasing rules and regulations. making it more difficult for americans to aspire to their dreams. increasing taxes with health care. making government bigger. we are doing on a national scene what michigan has been doing the last eight years. we need to stop it. the rest of country will look like michigan. >> sean: i am convinced this president with nancy pelosi, this government, i don't even call -- i'll even call it this regime, ladies and gentlemen, thank you. i think they are so detrimental if we don't kick them out. pelosi, reid, obama a
, republicans are jostling to to see who's right and who's farther right. the pulse of america when we come back. >>> as republicans gather for a big pep ralfully new orleans, we take the pulse of america. tonight especially, the pulse of the part that leans right. with us tonight, cnn contributor, eric erickson. eric, you heard a liberal perspective of the president's challenge in picking a new supreme court justice and a characterization of justice sotomayor as a moderate and a dare to the republicans to try to be aggressive in whoever the president picks next. what's your test? we don't know the name, let's not dwell on who it might be. but you saw how the republicans handled sotomayor and the aggressive questioning but in the end she was confirmed. the same game plan good for you, or do conservatives and republicans need to do more? >> well, you know, i would like them to do more and be more aggressive. it depends on who he picks. remember the republicans fell all over themselves to vote at the end of the day for brier and ginsburg when clinton was president. some voted for sotomayor. i thin
, america. >> chris: next on "special report." president obama gets another chance to shape the supreme court, with the retirement of justice john paul stevens. one of the key congressional players in healthcare reform says he won't run again. and sarah palin fires up republicans at a convention in new orleans. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the oldest justice on the u.s. supreme court says it is time to step down. he sent his resignation letter today to president obama. we have fox team coverage. brian wilson looked at the politics of putting a new justice on the court but we begin with james rosen at the white house on today's announcement. >> leadership will be met. >> with the retirement of the associate justice john paul stevens among serving of the supreme court members, president obama has the second chance to shape the court's direction. and he nominated sonia sotomayor last year and he said the juror will affect the daily lives of the american people. >> it will be someone who like justice stevens
and popularity you have there across america, why have you not led the charge to force the fed to release all of the e-mails that it has with aig, with goldman sachs, in other words begin a popular crusade just as you in effect created the tea party on a specific issue of transparency of the fed so we can understand what the fed thought what they did, and why they did it? do you think there's any possibility of success there? >> i think we've actually accomplished that by getting such a strong endorsement for auditing the fed. you know, when you ask for narrow records, i see looking at all the records so i've taken a broader brush. i want to know everything about it. i want to know who they loaned money to like foreign governments and foreign central banks and international financial institutions and private things. the things you mentioned are right and correct but i know all that plus more. what they would like you to do is look at some of these lending agencies and we better give you some of that information and that will satisfy everybody. we need a much broader investigation. >> just so
in america? >> we are playing with big space. i am playing in this game, too, and we are debating the future shape of the republican party, the kind of party it is going to be, and that involves whether or not we're going to take account of this health care problem, so i think there's a lot at stake and i understand why people feel strongly. i have no complaints. i think what we have to decide as republicans -- if someone has given you bad advice, get them out of the building, but maybe it is good advice, and i can make the case may be the vice i was offered was the right advice. >> what do you make of all the turmoil existing now in the republican party? they are calling for the ouster of michael steele, the parti's share -- party's chair. is happening on the right as you see it? >> let me talk about michael steele, who has made many steps in -- missteps. i will defend him. i think the republican party needs him. it need him as a voice and a symbol. we just had a sharp reminder of why that is so. gov. bob macdonald of virginia, someone who ran as a pragmatist, someone who is leaving behind
when -- she could be the devil. she could say i hate america. i want to destroy america. and that way they'll only be able to say, why do you hate gay, immigrant, black, handicapped women. >> you know, senator, it's amazing how you can make a good living talking about a guy on a commuter train after three drinks. seriously. that's the kind of stuff i heard growing up. that kind of stuff is so uninspiring and yet i guess it has an audience. >> it wasn't just what you heard growing up. this is what glenn beck said during sotomayor. he said the same kind of stuff, attacking her, attacking her qualifications when she was number one in her class and done so well throughout her career calling her emotional and all of these things and it got out there. but in the end, you heard people like lindsey graham voting for her saying maybe he wouldn't have picked her but she was clearly qualified and he was proud to vote for her. in the end, she got confirmed. i think the hearings while they were difficult at times they were fair and that's what we want to see again. all this garbage and all of thes
in this story of america. what kind of african-american tourist would want to celebrate confederate history month, pat? is this just for white tourist? a push for tourism. >> the 175th anniversary. virginia was part of the old south confederacy. there's a lot of misinformation. virginia did not su seed over slavery. virginia stayed in the union at at the time of ft. sumpter. what took them out of the union when abraham lincoln said, we want 75,000 volunteers, your militia and your soldiers in the union to attack the deep south and bring them back to the union, they said we're not going to kill our kinsman. that's how virginia left the union. >> they refused to take sides against the union with the rebels? >> they refused to send their sons to kill their kinfolk. >> to bring back the union? >> kill their kinfolk. >> i think that's a technical point. virginia had slavery and believed in slavery and would have kept it had there not been a civil war. >> wait a minute. there were eight slave states in the union at the time of ft. sumpter and seven in the confederacy. >> gentlemen, that's not the
something that everybody else in america takes for granted. the overwhelming majority of the more than 500,000 people who live in this city voted for president obama, but they can't vote for a senator or representative to congress. i'm curious to know if sometimes could you whisper in his ear, voting rights, voting rights. could do you that? >> you know, the whispers are there. that's something he hears all the time. he is a supporter of the rights of citizens here in d.c. to have the vote. i don't think there's much convincing that you have to do there. we just have to get it done. >> mrs. obama and all the rest of us here in washington had to endure our first storm of this spring time this year, tom. she saw the lightning out there and the wind, too. >> that's for sure. right downtown we had winds gusting to nearly 60 miles per hour. we had tree damage in washington. we had tree damage in montgomery county, as well as in a few locations in prince george's county. right now this evening, you can see it's still wet. these are scenes around northwest washington where the rain's still coming
to ratify this agreement, a tough task for both men. the president told "good morning america's" george stephanopoulos that fewer nuclear weapons will boost national security. >> i will also say to those in the senate who have questions, is that, this is absolutely vital for us to deal with the broader issues of nuclear proliferation, that are probably the number one threat >> reporter: beyond their own arms reductions, the two presidents are getting closer to a multilateral agreement on sanctions to keep nuclear weapons out of iran. that issue will be front and center next week when the two presidents, along with the leaders of 45 countries, meet for the nuclear summit in washington. now, late last night the president got word that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will not be attending his summit. he is sending his dipty in his place. that's a big blow to the president and analysts say it could signal a growing rift between america and israel. vinita? >>> sarah palin is blasting the president for signing that treaty with russia. palin said no administration in american history
the overwhelming importance of black race in america. i am familiar with a truly gigantic literature that explains the meaning and portends an honest to god reality of the existence of race. it's imperative and a statutory biological definitions of white race, we may notoriously vague. believing that what is not black. the disc thickness does not indicate lack of interest. quite to the contrary for another, past historical literature, much less known today explains the meaning and portends an honest to god reality of the existence of white races. they may seem not to be given a book on americans in antiquity, a pure fun before europeans discovered the western hemisphere and thousands of years he for the invention of the constant of race. they given the prevalence of the notion that racist permanent, many believe it possible to trace something recognizable as the white race, back more than 2000 years. in addition, not few westerners have racialized antiquity making ancient history into white race history and classics into a living whitefield, complete with pictures of blonde ancient greeks. transfo
of limiting america's use of nuclear weapons, 25 percent say they support the policy, 20 percent, undecided. you can count former vice presidential candidate sarah palin along with those who do not like the plan for nukes, here's what she had to say about it on hannity the other night. >> unbelievable, unbelievable, no administration in america's history would i think have ever considered such a step that we just found out that president obama is supporting today. that's kind of like getting out there on the playground, a bunch of kids, ready to fight, and one of the kids saying go ahead, punch me in the face and i'm not going to retaliate. megyn: the president, firing back, when abc news asked him about palin's warning -- remarks, mr. obama taking a bit of a shot at the former alaska governor. take a listen. >> i really have no response to that. last i checked, sarah palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues. if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it, i'm probably going to take my advice from them, not from sarah palin. megyn:
states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. and if you will now remain standing, it is my delight as a mother to introduce you to a young woman will be singing the national anthem. ♪ >>oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming? and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there. o say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪ [applause] great. ladies and gentlemen, that was fantastic. can we have another round of applause? [applause] >> this is a great honor for me. i am new to the stage in national politics. but i would like to say that this is the opportunity of a lifetime, because i believe the event that we are all at today is the first event on the path to taking back the congress of the
is capital equipment purchases, the retooling of america is what is going to drive the recovery. >> well, the retooling of america also takes time though, and that is a long-term job creation story, retooling. so what about the high sovereign debt toll in europe, and we will get the release from the federal budget for march coming out on monday, and more stories about debt, and obviously, hitting the tipping point where people are worried about the deficit. is that going to be an issue for the markets? what about sovereign debt? >> maria, if i can jump in on this, sovereign debt when it comes to the u.s. is the last place to worry about. tax receipts in fiscal 2009 fell 30%, and there is evidence that the tax receipts are growing at the state level, and 15 of the largest states in the country are seeing income tax receipts above expectations which means that the federal tax receipts are likely higher. i don't think that we have a debt problem, but there is a sovereign debt problem in europe that needs to be taken care of so it does not produce a contagion, but if it were that big of deal
and america, and president obama from a historical perspective next. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by the coming. if you've had a coke in the last 20 years, ( screams ) you've had a hand in giving college scholarships... and support to thousands of our nation's... most promising students. ♪ ( coca-cola 5-note mnemonic ) captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: president obama and his russian counterpart president medvedev signed an arms reduction treaty in prague practicaling for nations to trim their stockpiles. about 30% less than currently allowed. this would bring the two countries arsenals to their lowest levels since the end of the cold war. the treaty still has to be ratified by lawmakers in both countries, though the two sides disagree over the future of u.s. missile defense plan, obama medvedev said the fact was a sign of improving relations. >> our relationship had started to drift making it difficult to cooperate on issues of common interest to our people. and when the united states and russi
, "obama putting america on a path to decline." hannity says "he's nothing but a socialist." savage is in on it. gingrich, "obama the most radical president ever." the folks on the right are simply misguided and they're sore losers. it's radical in think about that. it's radical to get rid of the pre-existing condition? it's radical to get health care to 32 million more americans? it's radical to -- what do you say we stop losing 850,000 jobs every month. it's radical to have a stimulus package? it's radical to -- what do you say we cut the number of nuclear weapons with another superpower on the globe? what do you say we get along? i'll tell you who's radical. what's radical is the righties in this country who are trying to operate outside the electoral system. they're sore losers and now they want actually people to take up arms against one another in this country. now, there's a lot of positive things going on out there, folks. now, okay, i -- i'm guilty. i read the liberal newspaper, "the new york times," and we were traveling from laguardia today in new york to minneapolis. i j
, jpmorgan chase and bank of america, temporarily lowered their debt just before reporting it to the public presumably in an effort to help their stock price. >>> apple's upgrade for the iphone and ipad will be available this summer. the new program will allow users to run more than one program at a time. the company did not confirm any plans to make the iphone available through verizon or other mobile carriers. >>> and competition is gearing up following ipad's launch. hewlett-packard is showing off its yet to be released tablet computer called the slate. the company says it has what the ipad doesn't, a camera, the ability to play flash video, and a usb port. >>> and we finally made it. today is tax freedom day, the day when most americans have worked long enough to pay their taxes for the year. it comes a day later than last year, but two weeks earlier than in 2007. so, michelle, congratulations to us both. it's a friday and it's tax freedom day. >> it is friday. the weekend's here. all right, ashley morrison here in new york. thanks. >>> and you'll also be happy to learn this morning tha
, >> greta: hold your breath and listen to these ominous words from the head of the cbo. america's fiscal policy is unsustainable. we need to make fundamental changes. if we don't fix the problem we will not have financial stability or healthy economic growth. well, other than that, everything is great, right? joining us live liz clay men. if he -- if he were the only one ben bernanke, volcker both talking how grim and two do something soon. how bad is this?/óÑ >> it is extraordinarily bad. not under stating the situation. the amount of dealt, the amount of spending that is going on as it compares to what kind of income, refer knews that are coming into this country right now is so swamping. if you were to look at it as a little boat on a tough ocean, tsunami is a little dramatic that boat the income not big get pummeled by rogue waves and it is not sustainable that is true. the question becomes how do we we verse that? we are looking at deficits of one trillion a year depending on the year sometimes higher, slightly lower, 2014 looking to bottom out for the next decade. you have to cut
. america does not know america is a special day. do you care to tell them why today is a special day. >> this is the lighthearted stuff before we get to the important stuff. it's joe's and my birthday. >> we're twins. we're april 9th birthday twins. let's get serious now birthday girl. >> all right. let's get right to it. those people who are, in your mind, to be bantered about, the usual suspects called now for purposes of elena kagan, diane wood, merrick garland, those people pretty much vetted through the process in anticipation of sonia sotomayer's appointment. but at this appoint there's got to be a wider net to be cast, do you think? or will they go back to that group? >> the president has a great opportunity to do something he's talked about doing for sometime. that is to get a person on the supreme court that has had more real life experiences than being a scholar that spent most of their time in elite universities, and then people that went on and served on benches, were clerks and served on benches. i certainly don't denigrate anybody that's done that but you want a little
>> time now to reward america with what we've been thinking about lately. what have you been thinking about? >> two words sal mineo. that is what i learned today. >> really? that's good. go do your show. >> bye-bye, daily run down next. >> i've learned what i want willie to bring me back from the masters, i want some john daly flip-flops. sweet. >> pat buchanan. >> we're on the back nine culturally. >> i learned sal mineo and sol linowitz are not the same person. >> i've learned willie paid attention in history because he knows that ike used to play golf at augusta. very good. >> that was the one day i showed up for class, mike. i learned here at augusta national, we are fortunate to have vera lind dent's caramel cake. she brought them to us. i hope they're as good as she is a character. vera lynn dent. can't wait to bite into these. we'll do that while you watch t "the daily rundown." >> the most radical president in american history has now thrown down the gauntlet to the american people. he has said i run a machine, i own washington. and there's nothing you can do about it
focused on childhood obesity in america. the first lady talks about being healthy, reading food labels, and answers to the questions. that is tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern on c-span. >> and now, today's daily state department briefing including topics on north korea and the six-party talks. we discussed the plane incident involving the qatari diplomat. this is about 40 minutes. including strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime, combating that threat of nuclear terrorism, and maintaining a safe nuclear deterrent. housetops like ratification of the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty signed by president obama and president medvedev, an upcoming nuclear security summit next week advance the goals. the secretary will stress the urgency of the challenge and the need for bipartisan resolved to meet it. in sedan, a special envoy continued his discussions with the government of southern sudan, in advance of sunday's national, state, and local elections. he is back in khartoum this evening where he has met with heads of the international observer missions and with president jimmy carter -- former
america. enter his office, you see a scorecard from the 1932 world series, stevens was there, 12 years old. as babe ruth hit one of the most famous home runs ever in game three. flash forward, stevens, 85, throwing out the first ball for his beloved cubs. >> that was the highlight of my career. i had all my grandchildren, well, not all of them, but most of them there, and i can tell you, i was a hero that day. >> reporter: the son of a chicago hotel owner won a brobz star as an intelligence officer in world war ii, became a lawyer. and when he was nominated to the court, there were no angry cable channels. does he think he'd be confirmed today? >> probably not. >> reporter: would even want to be nominated? >> the difference in the process now is that they have -- it's televised. and that makes a huge difference. much more time taken up by the senators in explaining how important the hearings are than finding out what the nominee has to say and answer to your questions. >> reporter: yet four decades, he brought an old fashioned work ethic to the court, writing the first draft of his decisio
, the relationship is ongoing and fine and continuous. strange way to characterize the relationship with america's closest allyally. >> it's one of our closest friends and alleies and we havea lot of issues. as i understand it, the israelis are sending a strong delegation to this summit and i think that the most important issue here is how to make the peace process go forward. that is something that is the center of u.s.-israeli relations in terms of working towards stability in the middle east. >> there was more criticism for the president from the republican side. liz cheney last night in new orleans. let me show you what he had to say. what she had to say, excuse me. >> it seems to me increasingly clare that there are three prongs to the obama doctrine. apologize for america, abandon our allies and appease our enemies. >> she was saying that the president had not been enough of an alley to netanyahu, but karzai. i'm not sure this is the right moment to be endorsing what karzai's been saying, but how do you analyze the u.s. relationship with afghanistan? we've got all of our troops there and a
the decifit is nothing short of a full-blown crisis. good morning, i'm imibm hemmer, welcome to america -- "america's newsroom". martha: you and i were struck by these numbering 82 percent of americans polled here say they believe the country is an economic crisis with the deafit. good morning, i'm martha mcdal u -- maccallum. this is the big record number, nearly $13 trillion in debt, and rising every second, as you can see on that, the country is literally drowning in ed ink. that is no general overestimation of what's going an-- going an and even economic advisers to the president, the word used unsustainable, we are averaging $900 billion in debt every year through 2020 and something has to be done. bill: what we find is a lot of uncertainty about the future and the legal of confidence you have to put it mildly. that confidence is weak. stephen moore, our lead today from washington. can you put lipstick on this pink, stephen? give it your best shot. >> by hill, hi martha. you look at these numbers andis dismal. i looked at these numbers, first of all, when you talked about the debt,
[ applause ] >> glenn: well, helhello, america. welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, we have another chapter in our special of time to be heard. this is a series we've done. nobody seems to be talking to black conservatives. you don't see a black conservative on television. we have done a couple episodes with black conservatives. these are young -- these are college students. yeah! and they're conservatives! what? i didn't think that existed. yes. and you will meet them tonight. we have students and recent college grads from princeton, n.y.u., fort hammond and more. i can't -- fortham and more. it can't imagine being a conservative and going to n.y.u. you somebody does it and lives to tell the story. the youngest here, we have two that are 15 years old. they're in high school. they're in business school, law school, nursing school. some of them might with the president of the united states if we last that long. you are looking at america's future. it's time for them to be heard. get to it. katie, we're going to -- you introduce yourselves and tell me your name, where you
. but they turn into jeeps [ laughter ] >> and later one of america's most popular comedians is hitting the big screen. new purefitness from crystal light. a pure way to water your body. >>> an up beat retail concern. the dow turned higher in the afternoon and finished up almost 30 points. the nasdaq rose about 6 points. the s&p 5 gained about 4. >>> a mixed picture for the job's market last week. number of americans getting extended unemployment benefits dropped to a 15 month low, but more people filed last week for benefits for the first time. the labor department official said that the easter holiday could have skewed the numbers slightly. >>> a new spring in easter put a spring in retailers. sales jumped more than 9% from a year ago. it's also the 7th straight month gain. >>> more traffic at apple stores. more than 450,000 of the company's ipad computers have sold since sales kicked off saturday. that fell short of some analysts expectations. many thought that first weekend sales alone could reach 700,000. >>> and this year's college grads could expect lower starting salaries. first time av
to spend more to upgrade america's aging defense. >> they would like a pledge not to put restrictions or future missile deployments. >> reporter: they want to confront the nuclear threats with iran and north korea more directly. >> not to strong states, not to great powers, but to weaker states, more fragile states. >> reporter: they'll address more in a nuclear summit next week. >>> well, the nuclear good will, however, does not extend worldwide. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has canceled his plans to visit the united states next week. israeli and administration officials say netanyahu made the decision after learning some nations intended to raise the issue of israel's nuclear arsenal at the conference. as a result, net ya new is sending his intelligence and atomic energy minister in his place. it has never confirmed or denied it possesses i atomic weapons. you can get all the latest this weekend when ""meet the press"" welcomes secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense robert gates. that's right here on nbc. >>> now here's a look at other stories makin
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. buenas noches a todos, hoy se completo otra semana de copa libertadores de america, asi es que vamos con el resumen completo de los tres partidos, en brasil, colombia y peru. por la copa libertadors de america, esta tarde se jugo el partido que suspendio ayer por lluvia en rio de janeiro y flamengo con la universidad de chile empataron 2-2, los goles fueron marcados por walter montillo a los 43 minutos, el empate llego hasta los 67 por intermedio de michael, el flamengo tomo la delantera con un gol de leo maura a los 82, pero cuando se jugara un minuto adicional aparecio martin rodriguez para darle empate a la universidad de chile 2-2 con flamengo. en colombia, el independiente de medellin se mantiene con vida gracias a su victoria minima de 1-0 sobre cerro porteÑo de paraguay, con anotacion de luis arias a las 55 minutos, el dim sumo 6 puntos y se mantine con vida pero tambien esperando resultados de otros. en peru, el alianza lima paso a comandar el primer lugar del grupo 3 al superar al ya eliminado bolivar de bolivia, con esto alianza lima y estudinates de la plata son candi
at work. >>> coming up on good morning america: george stephanopoulos' exclusive interview with president obama. that's on gma and that's your moneyscope report. i'm vinita nair. >>> good morning, we have sprinkles leftover and light showers around the bay. heavy rain pushing east of ocean city. some of what we had to deal with last night around the d.c. area and south of baltimore. heavy rain rolling up the frontal boundary, off the coast. it gets out of here early. here's the deal, we'll try to break sun out by mid- to late morning. clouds try to make a return this afternoon. hold downtown temperatures to 60. 50s northwest and of the beltway. 72 on sunday. great weekend. back into the 60s, but dry weather early next week. here's kim brown with traffic. >>> traffic is making that transition from light to moderate in some places. still moving mostly at speed around the area. drive times bumped up slightly on 95. continuing on from the split towards the fort mchenry toll plaza, a five-minute ride. outer loop, key bridge to 97, nine minutes this morning. >>> they may not be in the top ten,
america's top-rated internet. fios is the future, but after april 17th this price will be history. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $69.99 a month for six months with a two-year agreement. call now. if you stick with cable, you'll be stuck with the bill. last chance to get three fios services for an amazing $69.99 a month for six months. call 1-888-884-fios. that's 1-888-884-fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. this is beyond cable. this is fios. >>> scott garceau is at the yard. >>> where are we at right now at the start of the season? >> reporter: well, they played three one run games in tampa against a very good team. a lot of people think they could win -9d 0 games this year. the orioles have battled back twice in this game. they trailed 3-0 in the first. they got three in the bottom of the first time. miguel tejada with three hits, a homerun and four runs batted in and gonzalez who has been kind of an adventure is trying to get it done in the top of the ninth. >> i love listening to your show because you hear from the fan from a
states of america! is being obscured and overblown by worries. like the trouble with greek bonds. greek bonds. it's trouble that only the most sophisticated player, the guys who flip from pounds to dollars to yen to euros actually can or should care about. every morning here in the u.s., every positive development these days is overshadowed by the shroud of athens. and it doesn't stop until the european trading day closes. eventually by mid-morning, we escape the downward pull, the vortex, and trade up on our own fundamentals. which is how the dow closed up 30 points, the s&p rose .34% today. it's not just the distress of the european territories that keeps us down. there's also an amazing ennoi about good news. we're anesthetized to anything bullish as investors just don't seem to respond with much enthusiasm, at least initially, to positive stories. maybe now they see the good news as routine. maybe they're just bored by good news. either way, when you combine the ennoi with the worries of atlas, zeus and mercury, then listen up captain marvel, you get a lot of bargains. shoot. it ain
statement i heard you comment on is that there were not any way people until they came to america and that's while the italians, english, themselves united. in this very fear, a loss of power if -- >> okay, anderson the question. i think the fear of loss of power is already underfoot or in the air or whatever. without tampering any further with the categories. i think categories tend to lag the hind the powerful, the power arrangements. so for instance, as nations become richer, they will also become more beautiful. and as we get all mixed up, the taxonomy will have to somehow catch up to us. one thing that american historians have found a frustrating over the years is that we have a lot of trouble classifying people according to wealth and income. which i think would be a much more useful way of dealing with the inequiti @@@@@ @@@@ and it's also given on a less frequent basis but it's also offered in u.s. history, will be offered in world history. and sciences is tested. civics is testeds. there are all different subjects that are part of naep. it's expensive but it give us a very g
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